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Teacher Teams is here to help you implement your SLO process.

What is Teacher Teams?

Teacher Teams is a new web-based tool that empowers schools and districts to maximize the impact of their SLO process. You no longer need to use and manage hundred of spreadsheets and documents. We are able to customize Teacher Teams to give you full-control over your entire process.

Who's it For?

Teacher Teams is for any school or district interested in revolutionizing their SLO method. We provide the ability to store and track your SLOs, assessment data, and supporting documents. We're here to make the SLO process simple and effective for everyone involved.


Streamline your Approval Process and Enable Effective Collaboration
Move to the Cloud and Leave Your Spreadsheets Behind
Fully-Customize Your SLO Documents and Workflow
Store and Manage Assessment Data and Student Work Samples
Set and Track Student Growth Targets with Progress Monitoring
Document Teacher Conferences and Collect Digital Signatures
Review and Rate SLOs based on Your Rubrics
Create Reports based on Your Specific Needs

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